Is this 1992 all over again?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

(L to R) Democratic vice-presidential candidate Al

“Riding the bus may seem like a throwback, but Democrats say it is the wave of the future in Presidential campaigns. It is more successful than the conventional hopping from airport to local television studio, a technique perfected by the Republicans and copied by the Democrats to bypass the less flattering national press.”

This quote, from a 1992 NYT article, describes the media-enthrallment with the post-convention midwestern bus tour of the Clinton-Gore campaign.  This weekend the Clinton-Kaine campaign began a very similar tour by bus, starting in Pennsylvania and then on to Ohio.

Rachel Maddow just reported that the Trump-Pence ticket has ZERO campaign events scheduled for this weekend.  Huh?

With the “Big Dog” helping with the campaign strategy for the general election, how much similarity will we see with his 1992 campaign, and how might the Clinton / Trump campaigns differ (including their message) from each other?


Boycott Trump Media Coverage Until We See His Tax Records

The Atlantic’s Ron Fournier nails it: “A TV embargo would starve Trump’s ego, feed his vast insecurities, and rob him of the biggest crutch in his campaign—free media. It would bend him to the public’s will.”

Stop paying his surrogates, stop giving him free media, stop paying any attention to him at all until the “business candidate” shows us the one and only thing about his record that can be scrutinized: his tax records.

Could This Be 1980 All Over Again?

Pardon me for reliving a nightmare but I am very concerned this campaign could be so much like Carter vs. Reagan in 1980, when we all believed all we needed to do was point out to the nation what a nut job our opponent was, for saying stuff like “Trees cause pollution.” Further, I am uncomfortably reminded of Dukakis believing his superior intelligence wins the day. Hillary’s utilitarian, uninspiring speech last night suggested to me that her campaign is arrogantly relying on a conventional intellectual approach to an appealingly simplistic unconventional foe. Worrisome.

The Big Dog Speaks

Bill Clinton on stage tonight at the Democratic Convention.billClintonPortrait

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (and longtime Clinton associate): “I talked to him today. It should be no surprise he’s still working on it. Bill Clinton, when he knows he’s addressing the country, and he knows he’s out there talking about his wife, there is nothing I’ve seen him take more seriously in his life. I remember when I was with him on vacation when he was preparing to do the big speech for Obama’s reelection, I remember the whole vacation he had his yellow legal pad. He does that, he thinks about it. But this is so special tonight, for him to be able to get up there and talk about his wife, and talk about what she can do for this country, obviously nobody knows her better than Bill Clinton. And that’s what he’s going to talk about.” (CNN, 7/26)